Leila Brown Photography - Leila Brown Photography

Leila Brown lives to capture the moment. She is a life-long photographer who sees things others may not notice. Her fresh perspective is often surprising, surreal, and occasionally clever. Leila’s landscapes explore variations in colour, light and negative space that have the viewer feel as much as see.

"The world is full of fascinating places, cultures, experiences, people... I want to pull them around me like a cloak and take them home with me. Photography lets me do that.”

Leila lives in Orangeville, Ontario with her husband, Henry, who shares her passion for photography. He especially loves the technical side of things, while she thrives on the creative, so it's a pretty nice partnership. Henry often accompanies her on photo shoots as her assistant, advisor,  and voice-activated light stand!

A few of her favourite things:

Hanging out with her adult twin daughters  .  A cold beer on a hot day  .  Singing 4-part a cappella harmony  .  Windmills  .  Sleeping in  Grilled steak  . Tea  .  A stunning vista after a long hike  .  Laughing with her husband  Henry  .  Exploring new landscapes  .  Family      French fries with gravy  .  Old hardware stores  .  Disaster movies  .  Questioning the status quo  .  Floating on water  .  Sunflowers    Anything the colour of royal blue  .  Slow jazz  .  A good back scratch  .  Trying new things  .  Road trips  .  Potluck dinners  .  Pillows    Capturing sunsets  .  Euchre parties  .  Mango daiquiris at the Sheraton Waikiki  .  Rushing waterfalls  .  The call of the loon  .  Friends   Chewy hard caramel chocolates  .  Blues  .  Reading  .  Learning from other photographers  .  Teaching  .  Heated political discussions Freshly-baked bread  .  Antelope Canyon  .  Warming by the fire  .  Flamenco guitar  .  Butter  tarts  .  Singing in the shower  .  Ice dogs The Canadian national anthem  . Warm raspberry pie with ice cream  .  Curiosity  .  Sitting on the dock  .  Reflections  .  Clever jokes  Fireworks  .  Sleeping in a hammock  .  Witnessing aurora borealis  .  A camera around her neck

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